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YES! There are other Marxist Feminists on this group.  And a
while ago, some people did start talking about marxist feminism
(as far as I remember) but I think it died out.

I have been lurking for a while and haven't said anything yet.
Is anyone else out there interested in Marxist Feminism? I
particularly like Rosemary Hennessey's work, but I am always
looking for more to read.  (I'm in English.)

Rebecca Hyman

Y'E'S, Yes Yes there are other, other MFs on this group.  I'm one I hope
you're one too. Plse give me the details of Rosemary Hennessey's work; my
thesis is on slavery (contemporary novels of: Beloved, Sacred Hunger,
Viceroy of Ouiday, Slave Girl, Indigo among others and i'm trying for a m/f
approach (left opposition type) being an old Trot.  Hooked on hooks, angela
davies, toni morrison and am also trying for an African cosmological
approach, using key figure of Mami Wata (water goddess) from African
mythology/cosmology.  Once we figure out sex race and class we'll have the
revo down pat - it should all fall into place, no worries, as we say in

Give me more of a clue about Hennessey. I also admire  Emma Goldman and the
ending of slave labour/child labour as a worthwhile socialist project during
these trying times.

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