small cooperatives (another point to Justin)

tgs at tgs at
Fri Nov 11 06:08:26 MST 1994

Another point: I don't see how small cooperatives are going to work in
an modern technological economy.  Corporations arose primarily (there
were other, legal factors, of course) because they were the best size,
under capitalism, to control and develop the vastly productive technologies,
as Marx says both the Econ-Philos Mss.  If you want small size under market
socialism, you are either going to have the horrors the Louis Proyect already
described with huge "producers' corporations," or you'll have bodies of
government become corporations in their own right--and the so-called
cooperatives become simply corporate "workgroups" within the state
corportaions.  You were discussing Mussolini before--well this would be
corporatism, pure and simple


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