Alex Trotter uburoi at
Fri Nov 11 11:36:12 MST 1994

Apropos of Tom Smith's comments on my post, I would say 1)yes,
"university-bound" implies a middle-class perspective, 2) I'm not sure I
would call myself an enemy of the Enlightenment, although I certainly
oppose the fetishism of Reason and Science (which I think post-Marx
marxism has done). I threw out that question about Enlightenment thinking
and male bias not as an absolute statement of belief but as an idea for
discussion. The examples I used--Fourier and the 'primitive communism'
of tribal peoples--are certainly outside of the main line of western
civilization's notions of reason and progress. I might share some of Smith's
critique of feminism, but I am not a marxist either, and not, like him, a
	Any women want to comment on what I said?



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