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Thanks for the cites - that's why I asked!

I used to s**scribe to femecon, but there was little besides networking
and syllabus exchange. Is it livelier now?


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> Doug Henwood: there have been major advances in feminist political economy
> in recent years. Try the articles by Fraad, Resnick & Wolff in the
> journal Rethinking Marxism (1989,1991 etc), where they develop much
> work on the Communist Household structure as the most egalitarian and
> the one where there have been some minimal inroads in reality. The work
> of Mary O'Brien on the Politics of Reproduction (bit old 1980s). Plus
> the many works by members of the femecon network members (I'll place
> a memo on how to subscribe soon). Also, it is important to link race,
> gender, class, nation, etc in a general theory of hegemonic structures
> (see the work of Ann Jennings as well as Bill Dugger).
> No, the main emphasis of feminist analysis is not necessarily the
> traditional nuclear family; although that is important. Once you
> get into the deap questions of gender, class and race etc as
> important themes linked together the world opens up (as you know
> vis-a-vis class, race, nation etc).     cheers    Phil O'Hara


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