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One more point from my last message.  That is that the source of the
hostility toward men both projected and rationalized by  radical feminism,
is not simply psychological, nor simply within the domestic economy of
patriarchy, nor simply as a result of patriarchy and sexism as experienced
from men thoughout sociey  (this is certainly not to say that patriarchy
and male sexism are things to be minimized, by ANY means).  The source
also lies within the middle class base of radical feminism--as Alex, I believe
(but I certainly won't hold him to it) has implied with his discussion
of its "university" base.  This middle class base is contradictory, as everyone
knows.  On the one, it gives us the educational resources to act as
the beginnings of an organic intellectual strata of the working class.  On
the other hand, middle class privilege and careers are fiercely competitive.

I submit that radical feminism is based economically upon this fierce
competition for career.  It is a means by which radical feminists guilt
trip men, and thus, in the name of a pseudo-progressivism, vie for the same
"equity" feminism which Alex and I both find so reformist and tokenist.

To argue with me that women deserve to use such rhetorical strategies to
get the careers they deserve in this society is just to prove the point.
Radical feminists seek to piggyback upon the potential for working class,
socialist feminism in order to further their careers.  I am not AGAINST
the pursuit of careers by women within this society.  I am against the
unscrupulous nature of radical feminism which results from careerism.



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