patriarchs and dead patriarchy (Justin-Tom)

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Sat Nov 12 08:48:49 MST 1994

Phillip Goldstein writes:
   What would Friedrich Engels, who ran his family's manufacturing
   company, say about the following point?
   LaClau and Mouffe, who I have not read but only heard about, argue
   (supposedly) that one's class is not determined by money or authority or
   any of that, but instead by the position one takes in the struggle against
   capitalism. There are thus pro-capitalist wage workers and socialist
   CEO's.                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                  ^^^^^^^^^

There seems to be an odd conflation here by Goldstein.  There's
probably a different conflation at work in LaClau and Mouffe also,
but I don't want to try to *do* them right now.  Neither
'pro-capitalist' nor 'socialist' are the names of class positions.
They're both names of ideological/political stances.  As for as
those go, it's quite unquestionable that both proletarians and
bourgeoisie sometimes hold each opinion (though the former
predominates in both groups).  I don't think *anyone* ever really
thought class-position mechanically determined political-position
(but there are *tendencies*, of course ;-)).

Yours, Lulu...

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