Althusser, Feminism, & "Realpolitik"

Rebecca Hill hillx018 at
Sat Nov 12 13:05:18 MST 1994

  I agree with Phillip Goldstein's comment that Althusserian and Gramscian
Marxisms may be more supportive of feminism than the (Vulgar?) Marxism that
focuses on class and class alone. The focus on the phenomenon of
"exploitation" for instance, seems to imply in *popular* Marxist discourse
that it is the only significant problem, and that "oppression" is
secondary. For humorous and incisive commentary on this point, people
should read Christine Delphy's criticisms of French Marxists in her 1970
book _Close to Home_.
   More to the point, there was a fascinating discussion of Althusser on
this list for a while that got cut short by someone's denunciation of
academics (??) I may not have been following the thread as thoroughly as I
should, so I'm not entirely sure that this is what happened.


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