Schwartz on Feminism

Kevin T. Mahoney ktmahone at
Sat Nov 12 19:53:40 MST 1994


On Sat, 12 Nov 1994 tgs at wrote:

> <You said:>
> I wonder how many men, even on this list, are in silent sympathy with Tom.
> I do not understand; I lack the basic empathy to grasp, how men on the
> left can find women's equality, much less liberation, so threatening. And
> to think I started out this thread agreeing with him on something! I think
> it was that you can't presume men are individually sexist because of their
> gender. I still think that's true.
> --Justin
> <Justin, I still think that's true, too.  I really don't get it.  Have you
> tried me and found me guilty in absentia?  What have I said to indicate in
> any way that I find "women's equality, much less liberation, so threatening."?!>
> <It is YOU, Justin, who hold some pretty curious, I think rather patronizing,
> notions that the "aggression" (your own term) of radical feminists, the
> aggresive statement that "you can't presume men are individually sexist
> because of their gender." (again, your words), ought to be
> tolerated as another means of " liberation.">
> <  How noble of you, in the
> cause of civil liberties, to stand up for me initially when I stand up to
> this "aggression."  But how "chivalrous" of you to back down and agree with
> Rebecca when she slanders me as a sexist for the very same self-assertion.>
> <It is my turn to be very disheartened>
> Tom


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