Exploitation and all that...

Pete Bratsis aki at cunyvms1.gc.cuny.edu
Sat Nov 12 23:09:35 MST 1994

Let us take Justin's recomendation that exploitation can be measured
simply in labour time and see how it works when examining domestic
labour.  Let us suppose that housewife A spends an average of 6
hours a week cleaning the house.  Housewife B spends an average of
18 hours a week cleaning the house.  Let us further assume that each
gets the house equally clean.  Everything being equal, should we
assume housewife B is more exploited for not being as good a
cleaner as housewife A?  If husband A spends 2 hours a week
doing the gardining and husband B spends 20 hours a week doing the
gardining because of his passion for his flower garden - is husband
B less of an exploiter?  If both wife B and husband B spend an equal
amount of time doing what we could call 'domestic labour' but the
use value of what wife B does is at that particual instance greater to
husband B then the use value of what he does for his wife - is she being
exploited or is it an equal share of 'domestic labour'?  Of the 18 hours
a week wife B spends cleaning the house - how much is necessary labour
and how much is surplus labour?

Have to cut it short, I have to take off.  Wile continue later

Peter Bratsis


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