Althusser, Feminism, & "Realpolitik"

Philip Goldstein pgold at
Sun Nov 13 06:17:57 MST 1994

	Thanks to Lulu for her clarification of my question about Engels.
Thanks to Rebecca Hill for sharing my impatience with narrow economic
accounts of women's exploitation -- I have to say, though, that, if
(male) labor power is a commodity for sale on the market, why aren't the
women who prepare this commodity for the market exploited?
	Rebecca Hill goes on to ask  about the Althusser discussion: "
More to the point, there was a fascinating discussion of Althusser on
this list for a while that got cut short by someone's denunciation of
academics (??)" This denunciation did not cut short the discussion.
Althusser says that academia is the central source of ideology in modern
society. Ideological critique becomes very important, as a result. To
denounce academics or to defend their radical import is part of the

Philip Goldstein


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