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You said the following

	Several people on the list agree that radical feminists who seek
careers at universities are a bad type. For example, Tom says "Radical
feminists seek to piggyback upon the potential for working class,
socialist feminism in order to further their careers.  I am not AGAINST
the pursuit of careers by women within this society.  I am against the
unscrupulous nature of radical feminism which results from careerism."
Tom's point is that women can have careers but radical feminists are
unscrupulous because they use workingclass feminism to build careers in
middleclass universities. Would universities be better places if they had
no radical feminists? Would the withdrawal of these feminists improve our
education system? make it more principled? or would their withdrawal just
give the conservatives greater dominance? confirm conservative views?
Isn't this position another instance of the list's hostility to academics
and academic intellectuals?

Philip Goldstein

Tom replies:

I think you ought to be a bit more generous in your reading of my position.
>From a passage which clearly states that I am not against women pursuing
careers, (I am in fact quite in favor of it)
 you manage to deduce that I am against allowing radical feminists
in the university.

I am against the ideology of radical feminism, because it is a hindrance
to the formation of socialist consciousness.
  I trace its roots to the
competitive side of the middle class base of radical feminism. That is all I am
doing here.  If you think that means that I  am hysterically concerned
with the moral fibre of our universities, and on that account would like
to see any and all radical feminists--or black nationalists, for that matter--
hounded from their present postitions as university teachers, I guess
that is your business.

Does the term "Red totalitarian menace" ring a bell?



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