Steve's post on Chaos (from Tom)

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Sun Nov 13 18:22:03 MST 1994


here's another criticism: you assume that Marx accepted the Fictean
dialectic of thesis, antithesis, synthesis.  In actuality, this was far
too crude for either Marx or Hegel, who criticized this version

The dialectic of historical materialism is the result of conflict betweeen
the forces and the mode of production, not between hypostatized concept
of conflict between different modes of production or their material
embodiments--"bourgeoisie" vs. "proletariat."  The dialectic between
mode and force produces political--superstructural--conflict between classes

So here is already a third term--the superstructural. Furthermore, in
earlier modes of production, it is not necessarily the case that the two
main contending classes become the new ruling class.  Neither the lords
nor the serfs ruled capitalist society.

More third  terms produced  by the historical materialist dialectic--which
is one of IMMANENCE arising from contradictions within a TOTALITY of



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