marxism, positivism, diamat, etc.

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Sun Nov 13 18:15:18 MST 1994


Several points,

1) No, not Berkely and Hume: there not the 1st wave: there much more like
the precursors of the second, with their scepticism and desire to
socialize everybody into conformity.  I'm thinking rather of Bacon, Paine,
Spinoza, the radical freemasons.  I got this out of this great history
of sociological thought--which i own but can't lay my hands on right now
I'll get it to you.

2)Not reform Trotskyism, but the Transitional Program--Trotskyism proper,
believes in the organization of a revolutionary organization which
aims to take over the leadership of trade unions, transitional
orgnizations among the specially oppressed, and labor parties--all
of which the organizatin helps build.

3) yes, indeed, the Bolshevik party did just what you said.  But by abstaining
from the process, I don't see how you forestall it.  Better to think
about what to do the next time around--how to confront the substitutionalists
in the party with democratic strictures, strategies of rule, and philosophies.
I don't see an alternative.



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