jones/bhandari djones at
Mon Nov 14 05:13:41 MST 1994

For all those interested, I just discoverd that Kenneth Lapides, editor of
Marx and Engels on the Trade Unions, has translated some of Henryk
Grossmann's work on wage theory.  The translation appears in the Summer
1994 issue of History of Political Economy.  Some years back, KL also
translated parts of Grossmann's methodological work in Science and Society.

*If anyone has Kenneth Lapides' e-mail address, please forward it to me.*

At any rate, thanks Kenneth Lapides. I won't mention yet again how
important I think Grossmann's (1881-1950) work is, along with those
influenced by him--William J Blake (-1968) and Paul Mattick (1904-1981).
In fact, one could argue that their theoretical work, far from being dated,
is only becoming more relevant (again).


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