Steve's post on Chaos (from Tom)

tgs at tgs at
Mon Nov 14 05:15:05 MST 1994


I don't want to put words in your mouth.  But when you "critique"
Marxism for not considering "third terms," are you not yourself
"straw manning" Marxist  dialectic as Fichtean--even though you know
it's not true?

I don't see how the Hegelian Marxist, much less schematic, much more
organic, dialectic can be faulted for ignoring third terms.  And I still
see as well the superiority of the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic to chaos
theory as applied to economics and society.  For I sense that chaos
accepts the spllit in bourgeois economics between the micro- and the
macro-economical, whereas Marxist dialectics certainly does not.

I could be wrong--I'm not an economist nor very well versed.  So show
me where.



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