Luxemburg, the Bolsheviks, Patriarchy

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Mon Nov 14 15:09:14 MST 1994

Hi folks, just one more point (then you can hack away)
(It's me, Tom, again)

Why would I, a Marxist, believe that patriarchy would or could be
reproduced by the Bolsheviks?  Isn't patriarchy a mere reflection of
class society?  No it is not. I subscribe to the thesis of Reich and
Fromm, that patriarchy creates  DISjuncture (as Althusser might say)
between economics and political consciousness.  Reich saw this disjuncture, too,
had a "material" base, so to speak--the effect that psychological
trauma has upon the unconscious mind-body relation, which is in fact
codified in the muscular structure--the manner in which the traumatized,
repressed individual now defensively and unconsciously hold her or himself
back from  full breathing and thus feeling, by unconsciously contracting
their muscles against full body breathing/pulsation.

Thus codified, these traumas interfere with the rational perception
of class interest/correct political strategy for realizing that interest.
The idea that socialism can be attained through repression of dissent, for
example--clearly irrational, yet it seems like common sense to the repressed
individual, who is busy repressing his own awareness of the traumas s/he
has forgotten.

Ok,that's the theoretical basis for what I'm arguing with the Bolsheviks



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