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On Sat, 12 Nov 1994, Rebecca Hill wrote:

> Anne F,
> I'd be curious to hear more of what you have to say about Mies,
> who I've only heard of the context of Chandra Mohanty's essay, "Under
> Western Eyes." (Is this the same person?) What's the work of hers that
> you're interested in? I'd be curious to read it and talk with you about it
> on this list. I'm particularly interested these days in trying to figure
> out how feminists have dealt with concepts of class and race....as I'm
> hoping that feminism has the potential to become revolutionary (again?) in
> the future. Certainly people like Luxembourg should be more central to
> our own understanding of feminist history, as should other less famous
> Marxist-feminists such as Claudia Jones.
> -Rebecca
	The work I was referring to is Maria Mies Patriarchy and
Accumulation on a World Scale.  More recently Mies has teamed up with
Vandana Shiva to write a book on Eco-Feminism.  By the way, who is Claudia
Jones?  You have me there!

	And although Justin is defending quite well the position that I have
argued elsewhere, that women are an exploited class, it is also true that
gender domination cant be reduced to exploitation, and that it is not
capitalist exploitation, and that women are not a "class" in the same way
that the working class are a class.  But if you are interested in my
original arguments, check out my Sexual Democracy (Westview) and Blood at
the Root (Pandora)--see my other post.

	Meanwhile, Im sorry I cant be on line more to defend you against
Tom's attacks, but I simply dont have the time!  Keep up the good work
and Ill try to read the list every 4 days or so! Try posting to me
privately if you'd like.  Im at UC/Irvine for the fall semester at the
address below but as of end of Dec will be back at UMass/Amherst where my
email address is ferguson at philos.umass.edu.

	Ann Ferguson
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