INVITE:JOIN Dictionary of Polit Econ?

Tue Nov 15 05:18:37 MST 1994

Dear Marxists: I am a fellow member of the Marxist network. This year
I became part of the Dictionary of Political Economy Project (dpe),
which is an encyclopedic dictionary of feminist, institutional,
marxist, Sraffian, post keynesian, and social political economy. At
present I am coordinating this project, but over time I hope to share
editorial duties with three or four other people. DPE has an email
network in which we discuss policy matters and things relevant to
the organisation of the project.

At present we have about 80 members of the project, some more active,
others less so. The purpose of this message is to let you know of
its existence, and to ask some of you to become associated with it.
We are really interested in scholars with a degree of expertise in
some aspects of political economy. In a general letter to be sent
after this one I detail the nature of the project. In particular,
from the Marxist network I am interest in scholars joining the

a) socialist, communist & social democratic political economy committee
b) race, gender, class committee
c) dpe project by putting their name down for writing/refereeing a-z
d) perhaps some other committee
e) be a member of the network and contribute to policy debates etc

We are getting to the end of the first phase of the evolution of dpe:
a-z lists. Membership of the socialist, communist, & social democratic
PE committee (and perhaps one or two very active members of the Marxist
school committee - we have plenty linked to it who do things now and
then; and some who do nothing) seem more urgent at the moment.

So if you are interested, and have some good expertise that could
benefit future readers of the dpe, please let me know. At present
we are organising a paper and roundtable session as part of the
Eastern Economic Association meetings in New York City 17-19 Marchj
1995. We particularly need some help there.

At some stage in the future I shall post the completed Marxist Pol Econ
and the Socialist, Communist, & Social Democratic PE a-z lists, asking
for possible expert writers/referees.

Note:next email message for further detail. One bit of detail in the
next message is wrong now: dpe will be 850 pages in length, with an
average length of 1,000 words; 650 entries (not 800 as stated).

Yours in grand dialectical fusion and contradiction!   Phil O'Hara

P O'Hara, Economics, Curtin Uni, GPO Box U1987 Perth 6001 Australia


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