goodbye for now

tgs at tgs at
Tue Nov 15 20:26:37 MST 1994


I must join Justin in departing for now.  Please keep in touch if you've a
mind, I'm

	tgs at

Too many responsibilities.

Two points I'd like to make

1)I think the study of Reich will be fruitful, as a middle term between
repressive orthodoxy and the Althusserian floating crap game in understanding
the relative autonomy of patriarchy and ideology in general

2)Once again, Ann, I am impressed by how consistently divergent our
worldviews are.  I do not see how I was "attacking" Rebecca, just now;
nor see anything genuinely feminist, rather than sexist, about your
patronizing assertion that you need to "defend" Rebecca from whatever
criticisms I might have.  In my book, the world is not divided up into
"systems"--male and female.  Perhaps it's because I try to adopt the
standpoint of the proletariat, while your standpoint is that of a priggish
and cliquish middle class "radical" feminist.  There is nothing radical
nor feminist about the crap you spew forth.  That does not mean I like
to see you banned from the university or this list-serv. It just means
that I think you're an idiot.

Ciao and good tidings to everyone else (including Rebecca),



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