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Wed Nov 16 05:59:02 MST 1994


Yea, I know. I was going to reply, but thought better--it was about
lulu coming out accidentally (that's the secret)

Well, I'm off the list serv, at least for now.  Too many responsiblities--
the class struggle is heating up, I have to write my dissertation.

I did not mind in the slightest my throrough trashing of Amm Ferguson for
her cliquish and patronizing little remarks, stereotyping me as the evil
abusive male because I merely had criticisms of Rebecca and I have Y
chromosomes.  What an asshole.  Such people--Ann, not necessarily
Rebecca, who seems to have more of an open mind--are a positive threat to
with their "dual systems" garbage, their petty moralism and reformism,
which in their case obviously translates not just
into "progressive" rationalizations for careerism
--as male sexism similarly justifies career privilege--
but also, it leads them politically into class collaboration--relying
upon the media, police and the courts to "reign in"
and guilt-trip those "exploitative" "pornographic" naturally violent males.

Defending them, as you so often do, is not only patronizing (whether they
accept the patronization or no is completely beside the point), it's
dangerous.  Absolutely it is true, women are oppressed, in the larger
society and in left groups.  But some women, just like some men, manage
to stay rational and revolutionary, dividing the world in to classes
rather than exploitative genders, "feminist" as opposed to socialist-
feminist "histories," etc.
. I  can have sympathy for those who fail to
achieve revolutionary consciousness because of their special oppression.
But that doesn't mean you or I should patronizingly indulge their counter-
revolutionary, invidious drivel by saying, "Oh, maybe you're right, maybe
all men are sexist, maybe we really are exploiters who need to be guilt-
tripped, etc."

Please forward  this message to the list-serv, if you've a mind--or forward
it back to me, and I'll try to send it.



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