radical feminism

tgs at cunyvms1.gc.cuny.edu tgs at cunyvms1.gc.cuny.edu
Tue Nov 15 16:17:37 MST 1994

	Apologies to Tom for missing the distinction between radical
feminists seeking careers in the university and the competitive side of
middleclass, radical feminism. Frankly, I still don't think I have got
it. How do you oppose the one and not the other?

Philip Goldstein

How is that you can't conceive that people can debate each other on
their ideologies and yet not seek the destruction of each other's careers?
Why can't you conceive the possibility that sharp debate doesn't necessarily
lead to unemployed political opponents?

Why do you think that my sharp political opposition would lead me to desire
financial harm to radical feminist academics?

Did you just hatch out of some Stalinist cult?  I confess that I don't get
why you don't get it.



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