New Marx List and other developments at the new Thinknet site

Kent D. Palmer, Ph.D. palmer at
Tue Nov 15 14:27:44 MST 1994

There is a new secondary Marx list forming which will be dedicated to
slowreading of the works of Marx. The spoon Marxism list you are now on will
continue to be the primary Marx list.

To find out how to join this new list send the message HELP to
listserv at

The new list is offered by Thinknet which is part of the Dialognet consortia.

The main emphasis at the thinknet site will be Topical lists:

There is a cluster of lists on which any topic within a particular theme
area may be discussed. The first philosophy cluster has the topic of
cross currents and intertextuality in postmodern philosophy. Each theme
cluster is associated with a list of philosophers instead of a single
philosopher. For instance the first cluster is associated with the
following philosophies:

etc . . .

The list names or the cluster are:


The idea is that you subscribe to the topics list if you want to know
what is happening. A topic is brought up on the topics list and if there
is interest it is assigned a talk channel. Then discussion of that topic
moves to the talk-channel where it continues till it peters out. There
may be several topics on one talk channel. Conversations that are off the
subject or arguments are asked to move to the trivia channel.
Announcements or messages that apply to more than one topic are also
posted on the significa list. The discussion list is for talking about
how the general discussions on all the lists of the cluster are going. It
is a meta-discussion list.

This is a new experiment in how to foster thoughtful conversation in
cyberspace. Please participate in it. If this cluster gets going I will
open up other clusters with other Themes. The idea is to free us from
Proper Name lists and Abstract name lists so that the conversation can
evolve without the constraints of the list names. Yet this method allows
people to only listen to what interests them.

Thinknet will sponsor a series of Proper Name lists and Abstract name
lists as well. But the emphasis will be on topical lists. Think of them
as salons with many rooms where various conversations are going on at
once. You can listen to or participate in as many conversations as you
like in the salon.

Thinknet will continue to offer experiments in the facilitation of
thoughfulness in cyberspace. We intend ot cooperate with anyone who is
also fostering the spread of philosophy in this new realm. If you have
any ideas to offer or would like to help then contact us.


Kent D. Palmer, Ph.D.                  editor Thinknet philosophy newsletter
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