Splitting the list?

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Thu Nov 17 09:45:04 MST 1994

Okay...Okay-- you talked me out of it.

Louis Proyect

On 16 Nov 1994, Chris Connery wrote:

> Secondly, Louis Proyect wrote that "subdividing the list into topics or
> interest groups might be productive and worth experimenting with." Sure,
> at least that slow reading group on some classic text of Marx would be
> very interesting and productive. But then...
> What is marxism, anyway? It isn't a science, so it doesn't have same
> rules and norms as the sciences do have. Marxism is more sort of
> philosophy aiming to provide us general philosophical principles of human
> reality (sort of what its like -explanations) and some ethical principles
> according which to change our reality. These principles of course do
> change every now and then, according our human reality.


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