No splits...

Thu Nov 17 18:31:14 MST 1994

	I second the suggestions of others... I don't think that splitting the
list is a good idea.  I like the fact that this list has many different threads
from many different "disciplines"... I think that the urge to compartmentalize
goes against the very dialectical spirit of Marxism, and should be avoided.
	I think a slower "readers' group" might be a good idea for those who
are interested.
	As for Jon's discussion of "totality" and "totalitarianism"... I think
Popper had some good things to say about this, even if I believe him to be
wrong on the general nature of dialectics.  The urge to totalize translates
into totalitarianism only when "right" is identified with "might" or "future
might".... It is the tendency of theocratic and statist orders, hell-bent on
ramming their own conception of the utopian ideal down the throats of
everybody.  Dialectics concentrates on CONTEXTUAL totality, not ABSOLUTE
totality, and to this extent, it can help us understand the whole from the
vantage point of any part, while avoiding a synoptic identification of the
whole, as if we were external to it.
	In the spirit of dialectics and integration, let's avoid splits.
						- Chris
Dr. Chris M. Sciabarra
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