more marxist humor

Alex Trotter uburoi at
Thu Nov 17 20:59:47 MST 1994

This list needs some more chuckles. And so...

                        MARX ON THE BAYOU

     I got a frien' name Melancon, pronounce Mu-lanh-sonh, w'at
don't got much educate, him. An' one day he brought hisse'f to
his hometown liberry an' ax dat liberry lady like dis, "Brought
me a copy of Das Kapital by Karl Marx."
     Dat liberry lady almos' los' her spoke, plum', she so
surprise dat a fallow like Melancon w'at don't got much educate
ax fo' dat complicate book. So she say to Melancon, "Are you sure
you want Das Kapital? Dass some pow-ful readin', yeah."
     "Brought me de book an' don't gimme some argue," Melancon
tole dat womans. "Dey said it was all about my wife relatives
name Bourgeois."

                               (from Justin Wilson's Cajun Humor)


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