The value of each individual

(Marianne Hill) mhill at
Wed Nov 16 08:42:36 MST 1994

Most of us on the list expect that our views will be seriously listened to
and disagreed with in a way that reflects that those engaging in the
conversation value a diversity of views and appreciate that we are
engaging in dialogue.  Based on the message below, tgs thinks he can
not only pick and choose who he engages in conversation with, but that
that conversation, even when open to the list, can become a
destructive "trashing" session, complete with insults, expletives, and any
racist(why not?if Ann were black), sexist remarks that come to mind.  I
think the list should respond to this.

mhill at

On Wed, 16 Nov 1994 07:59:02 EST,
  <tgs at> writes:

>I did not mind in the slightest my throrough trashing of Amm Ferguson for
>her cliquish and patronizing little remarks, stereotyping me as the evil
>abusive male because I merely had criticisms of Rebecca and I have Y
>chromosomes.  What an asshole.

>Please forward  this message to the list-serv, if you've a mind--or forward
>it back to me, and I'll try to send it.

Previous posts contain more of same.


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