The value of each individual

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Wed Nov 16 08:30:24 MST 1994

On Wed, 16 Nov 1994 mhill at wrote:

> Most of us on the list expect that our views will be seriously listened to
> and disagreed with in a way that reflects that those engaging in the
> conversation value a diversity of views and appreciate that we are
> engaging in dialogue.  Based on the message below, tgs thinks he can
> not only pick and choose who he engages in conversation with, but that
> that conversation, even when open to the list, can become a
> destructive "trashing" session, complete with insults, expletives, and any
> racist(why not?if Ann were black), sexist remarks that come to mind.  I
> think the list should respond to this.

Well said. Tom's last post was simply out of line. This list is
worthwhile only if people work to raise the level of the dialogue, and
avoid the temptation to bring it down.

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