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David Kiefer KIEFER at econ.sbs.utah.edu
Fri Nov 18 16:05:40 MST 1994

Graduate Study in Economics at the University of Utah

Do you feel that there should be more to Economics than second
order conditions of constrained optima and intergenerational planning
with infinite time horizons? Would you also like to examine
economic theory from the perspective of the philosophy of science?
Are you fascinated by the problems of the Third World, post-
Keynesian macroeconomics, Marxian economics, ecological economics, the economics of gender, or Bayesian econometrics?

If so, graduate study in economics at the University of Utah may be for you.
Mainstream and heterodox approaches are integral parts of a broad
program which includes a technically sophisticated presentation of
economic theory and quantitative methods as well as a variety of
fields of specialization, including the history of economic thought,
political economy, public economics, econometrics and economic
development. The Department has approximately 50 Ph.D. students in
residence, 20 Masters students and a faculty of 23 with Ph.D.'s from leading universities across the U.S.

Applications accepted for admission until July 1; applications for
financial aid until March 1. For further information write:

				Professor David I. Kiefer,
				Director of Graduate Studies
				Department of Economics
				308 BUC
				University of Utah
				Salt Lake City, UT   84112

				phone: (801)581-7481
				e-mail: program at econ.sbs.utah.edu
				Fax: (801)585-5649

David Kiefer
Economics Department
University of Utah


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