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Requesting Submissions For a Graduate Student Conference at
North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

March 24-26, 1995

Cultural Cartographies:
Mapping the Postcolonial Moment

Postcolonial Theory is at a crossroads in both its
academic and political receptions.  This conference
intends to map interdisciplinary approaches to
postcoloniality--textual, theoretical and political.
Exploring problems of nationhood, ethnicity,
historicity, intertextuality, and subjectivity will help
us interrogate existing models of postcoloniality and,
perhaps, devise alternative ones.

We welcome papers, creative manuscripts, and panel
proposals that exhibit a variety of critical and literary
engagements with postcolonial discourse.  Panels
may be specific to a national or regional literature, to
a single author or theorist, to political movements as
they are refigured textually, to representations of
gender and race, and to applicability of Eurocentric
theory to non-Eurocentric texts.  Creative reading
sessions may be organized by genre, by theme, and
by formal strategies.

Conference features include a creative reading by
novelist Bapsi Sidhwa, author of %Cracking India%,
and an address by C. Rhonda Cobham-Sander,
professor at Amherst College and research fellow at
the National Humanities Center.  In addition, the
best graduate student paper will receive a $100 prize,
sponsored by %Postmodern Culture%.

Please email a detailed 1-2 page abstract by January 10, 1995 to:

Jonathan Beasley (egjob at
David Hatfield (baffle at

Please email creative work by January 10,1995 to:

Caitlin Cary (ccary at

Contact us by mail at:

English Department
Tompkins Hall, Box 8105
Raleigh NC  27695-8105


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