Hi from a newbie

Steve Wright sj at deakin.edu.au
Mon Nov 21 16:48:09 MST 1994

Hi, my name is Steve Wright, and I have just joined up - I imagine I'll
stay quiet for a while as I try to get a handle on the different threads.
For what it's worth, my interest in marxism has been shaped by
participation in community and white collar workplace politics, as well
as exposure firstly to some strands of council communism (the late
seventies) and then Italian workerism (the eighties). Since the beginning of
the decade I've found myself back working in tertiary education, moving from
one part-time contract job to (so far) the next. My research interests at
present involve trying to understand working class responses to the process of
restructuring in a regional city near Melbourne (a project undertaken jointly
with Louise Johnson, who is a feminist geographer), and the role of
'alternative' workplace and community organisations in present-day Italy. And
I'm still looking for an adequate theorisation of the relationship between
gender and class (help, anyone).


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