Jim Hurd jhurd at
Sun Nov 27 11:11:18 MST 1994

	Hello my name is Jim Hurd. I am A researcher in a technology
assitance center and a graduate student in Information Science. I'm 39
years old and have been a restaurant worker most of my life. Thr rigours
of the life sent me back to school. I've been involved with the organized
left since high school but theory has never been my strong suit. I
consider my self to be broadly a Marxist but not in any fundamentalist
sense. I've never seen the point of appeals to scripture. I'll probably
just read and listen to this list.

                               JIM HURD                           \CTAC/
(812) 857-4805 (h)             POPLARS 731                 (812) 855-7531 (w)


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