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Norman Feltes bignoise at YorkU.CA
Mon Nov 28 06:55:32 MST 1994

On Nov 27,  2:21pm, Philip Goldstein wrote:
> Subject: new topic
> 	Has anyone read The Future Lasts Forever, Althusser's
> autobiography? I find it very moving and interesting, a forceful
> statement of his views, intellectual influences (on him), his sexual and
> psychological difficulties, and his politics. He managed to be an
> academic and an activist Marxist, and one recognizes his conflicts and
> dilemmas as characteristic of modern Marxists.
> Philip Goldstein
>-- End of excerpt from Philip Goldstein

Yes, Phil, I've read The Future Lasts Forever and also found it moving and
interesting. What I would now like to reread is the paper on it that Stephen
Cullenberg gave at the UMass Marxism conference that you an d I attended.
Does anyone Know if and where that has been published?
     Norm Feltes
     bignoise at					\


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