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JULES D. TUYES antjdtx at
Mon Nov 28 07:06:45 MST 1994

Hello Everyone,

I am a new subscriber to this list.  I have the following interests that
hopefully I can share with this list: the co-op movement,
"counter'-capitalist models, sustainable economies and lifestyles, and
voluntary simplicity.  Thanks, I already recognize that each of these
terms is problematic, so no need to post me for that reason.
Also, I belong to IATSE, local 225 (motion picture machine operator's
union in Atlanta, GA. I am always looking for knowledge that can affect
my participation there and, hopefully, add force to our union.
This is just a sketch of the type of issues I would like to participate
in on this list.  feel free to post me with any concerns.

Jules David Tuyes                     | "His eyes were the color of the sand
antjdtx at               | and the sea, and the more he talked
				      | to me, you know, the more he reached
				      | me." --Joni Mitchell


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