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When I agreed with Paul Cockshott, I said "academics as a group," or social
formation,  which may have been his sense as well.  No one would say that
about individual academics, which is what Phil Goldstein's list is.   I teach
with Angela Davis (one of the people on PG's list), and she:  1. still has to
pass students even if they are confirmed blood-sucking parasitic enemies of
the people; 2. would probably say that her work with prisoners and the prison
system is, compared with her teaching anyway, where her more important
political work is getting done.
A few people have asked for the source of the Cult Stud quote.  Later-- (I
got it from overseas and have to make sure first that it's in the "public

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All the people listed had/have audiences well beyond the academy. How
many modern academics do, or even aspire to do?


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On Tue, 4 Oct 1994, Philip Goldstein wrote:

> 	Chris Connery writes that "I generally agree with Paul Cockshott
> when he writes that
> "I can not think of any conjuncture in which academics have posed a
> serious threat to the established order."
> 	How about these academics: Georg Lukacs, who studied with Max
> Weber; and Louis Althusser, who studied with Canguilhem and other French
> academics? Antonio Gramsci was not an academic, but he studied with the
> Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce. Angela Davis is an academic who
> studied with Herbert Marcuse, I think. What about Cornel West at
> Princeton? Should I keep listing them?
> Philip Goldstein

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