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Paul W. Cockshott cockshpw at
Tue Oct 4 11:18:02 MDT 1994

On Tue, 4 Oct 1994, Philip Goldstein wrote:

> 	Chris Connery writes that "I generally agree with Paul Cockshott
> when he writes that
> "I can not think of any conjuncture in which academics have posed a
> serious threat to the established order."
> 	How about these academics: Georg Lukacs, who studied with Max
> Weber; and Louis Althusser, who studied with Canguilhem and other French
> academics?

What threat did Althusser ever pose to anyone but his wife?
What was a threat to the French state was the uprising of workers
and students in 1968, in which Althusser played no significant role
and in which the party to which he belonged played a major role in
cooling the situation.

> Antonio Gramsci was not an academic, but he studied with the
> Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce.

Gramsci as you say was not an academic, he was a political journalist
whose initial significance was as a spokesman for the workers council
movement in Turin. He was imprisoned along with Amadeo as the leader of
the CP, the main workers party. It was the industrial proletariat that
had Mussolini worried not Italian professors.
> Angela Davis is an academic who
> studied with Herbert Marcuse, I think.

I got the impression that she was victimised as a black political
activist at a time when the militancy of black working class groups
was high. It was the Panthers rather than academics that posed a


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