Alex Trotter uburoi at panix.com
Wed Oct 5 13:03:31 MDT 1994

"The university has become an institutional organization of ignorance;
'high culture' itself is being degraded in the assembly-line production
of professors, *all* of whom are cretins and most of whom would get the
bird from any audience of highschoolers.... The future revolutionary
society will naturally condemn all the ado of the lecture halls and
classrooms as mere *noise*, verbal pollution.

"During the era of free-trade capitalism, when the liberal state left the
university a certain marginal freedom, the latter could imagine itself an
independent power. But even then it was intimately bound to the needs of
that type of society: notably the need to give the privileged minority an
adequate general education before they took up their positions within the
ruling class. Hence the ridiculousness of those nostalgic professors,
embittered at having lost their former function as guard-dogs serving the
future masters for the considerably less noble function of sheep-dogs in
charge of herding white-collar flocks to their respective factories and
offices in accordance with the needs of the planned economy. These
professors hold up their archaisms as an alternative to the
technocraticization of the university and imperturbably continue to
purvey scraps of "general" culture to audiences of future specialists who
will not know how to make any use of them."

from _On the Poverty of Student Life_ by the Situationist International


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