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Wed Oct 5 16:29:31 MDT 1994

 Here academics are not truly radical because they
>fail to cultivate a radical or progressive public, fail to take
>sufficiently radical political stances as a group, or fail to work for
>sufficiently nasty and oppressive bosses. I could argue that in the
>social sciences and the humanities there are radical caucuses which meet
>some of these criteria, but I am not sure that these are good criteria.

>Philip Goldstein

I agree Philip, my pedagogical construction of the role of the radical
academic is very limited precisely because it does not cultivate a public -
but relies on those who make it into the institution.  In that sense it is
very limited!  The key issue you identify here is the radicalism of
academics *as a group* - and you are right, while there are only a few of
us scattered around the place using our pedagogical and research skills to
subvert, we aren't getting far.  I too, like to see academics whose
research provides a radical critique and posits directions for radical
action.  Sadly, there aren't many of us around.  A useful bit of reading in
this regard is Keith Robbins _Secular Vocations_, published a couple of
years ago by Verso.

Malcolm MacLean
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Everyone talks of freedom, but there are few that act for freedom, and the
actors for freedom are oppressed by the talkers.
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