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Thu Oct 6 08:06:06 MDT 1994

This is irony, right? Marx was never involved in political agitation,
right? The proletariat wants to stay dumb and would love a chance to burn
a university? People never transcend their class origins either, right?


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On Wed, 5 Oct 1994, wesley david cecil wrote:

> In response to the many posts about academics and radicalism, I see no
> reason why academics are expected to be any more radical than anyone
> else.  As a group, I imagine that statistically academics are pretty
> representative of the politics of the middle-class at large of which they
> are a member.  Why would we expect otherwise?  I mean, Marx was an
> intellectual and wanted to be an academic, he seemed to mostly write
> write write, why should we do anything else?  Finally, considering the
> emphasis Marx placed on the proletariat, shouldn the revolution arrive,
> why wouldn't the revolutionaries burn the universities down with all the
> other repressive state apparati?
> Wes


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