wesley david cecil wcecil at ucs.indiana.edu
Fri Oct 7 14:39:35 MDT 1994

On Thu, 6 Oct 1994, Doug Henwood wrote:

> This is irony, right? Marx was never involved in political agitation,
> right? The proletariat wants to stay dumb and would love a chance to burn
> a university? People never transcend their class origins either, right?
> Doug

	No irony intended.  Marx was involved in political activism but he
was alos skeptical of a lot of political activism, see the 18th
Brumeire.  Mostly he wrote and wrote or researched, particularly after
arriving in England.   Educating the masses is a classic ideal of the
middle class (inherited from a much more elitist but honest version of
the university described by Kant, see conflict of the Faculties).  Not to
mention that the
proletariat can educate themselves and be educated a lot of ways, they do
not need the University for education, which is good because universities
do not generally admit members of the proletariat, particularly in this
country.  I am not saying people never transcend then class origins, I am
just saying that no more people in the university transcend there class
origins than anywhere else, nor should we expect them to.  The
University is just as messed up, in short, as the rest of society and
people in the University have no more nor no less responsibility for
social activism or radical action as anyone else.  Why single the
University out for criticism?



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