More on Utopianism

Philip Goldstein pgold at
Sat Oct 8 07:56:42 MDT 1994

	Chris writes that " Since Soviet planners could not possibly
transcend the "knowledge problem," due to either historical
prematurity (Marx) or existential constraints (Hayek), their
attempts to actualize ANY part of Marxist ideology was not
merely futile, it was postively reactionary and DYSTOPIAN in
its consequences." The knowledge problem is the problem posed by
unintended consequences. Chris seems to think that genuinely socialist or
communist action masters these consequences, whereas reactionaries do
not. I, however, do not think that anybody masters unintended
consequences. Action brings change, and change means something new and
unforeseen. To master the unintended or unforeseen is to eliminate change
and to control history. Can anybody do that?

Philip Goldstein


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