Philip is right!

Sat Oct 8 08:51:53 MDT 1994

	Philip Goldstein remarks that my recent post suggests that "genuinely
socialist or communist action masters these [unintended] consequences, whereas
reactionaries do not.  I, however, do not think that anybody masters unintended
consequences.  Action brings change, and change means something new and
unforeseen.  To master the unintended or unforeseen is to eliminate change and
to control history.  Can anybody do that?"
	No, Philip, NOBODY can do that.  You are 100000% correct.  My point
however, was that in Marx's ultimate vision of communism, the mastery of
unintended social consequences is high on the priority list.  I don't mean to
imply that EVERYONE who fails to master unintended consequences is a
reactionary.  What I do maintain however, is that those who purported to plan
progress and modernization in Five Year intervals, beginning their plans on the
basis of a quasi-feudal material foundation, wiping out any semblance of
rational price mechanism, using a police state apparatus, and imprisoning and
executing millions of people in the process WERE reactionary.
	The extent to which the ultimate Marxist vision depends upon the
mastery of unintended consequences is the extent to which the Marxist vision IS
utopian.  Genuine radicals need to separate the radical wheat from the utopian
chaff, and dispense with those aspects of Marxism which cannot, on the face of
it, be realized.
						- Chris
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