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Sat Oct 8 23:15:12 MDT 1994

On Sat, 8 Oct 1994, Doug Henwood wrote:
> I think we hold the university to a higher standard, probably
> undeservedly so, than other social institutions, because it is supposed
> to be about the pursuit of truth, not about discovering fresh apologies
> for privilege and power. Of course most academics spend more time
> discovering and re-discovering apologies than critiques, but it's still
> disappointing in a way that the work of, say, bond traders isn't.
> And I must dissent from the "particularly in this country," assuming
> you're speaking about the U.S. I thought the U.S. had a larger portion of
> its population in universities than most other countries. We could do a
> lot better for sure, but....
> Doug
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Right, my main point is that certainly the University is less than an
ideal model of social activism, but no less so than anywhere else.
As far as the U.S. having a larger portion of its population in University
I believe that is correct, but I would be interested to see what
percentage of our graduates are not the middle or upper class versus the
percentage in other systems.  My impression is that we send a lot more of
the middle class through universities and a lot more total people, but
that other countries, particularly SOuth American Universities, have a
greater percentage of their small university population from the poor.



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