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Tue Oct 11 19:10:53 MDT 1994

Paul Cockshott wrote:

>Do you not consider that the success of the Bolshiviks also required
>the existence of a concentrated industrial proletariat - a product of
>capitalist not feudal relations?

Exactly, and most of the debate misses out on just this aspect:
1) Within Russia, the Bolsheviks' strongest bases were amongst the industrial
workers. Eg. in Petersburg's Putilov works, at that time one of the biggest
industrial centres in the world.
2) Perhaps more significantly, the completion of the revolution was premised on its
spreading beyond Russian boundaries, to Western Europe. It was only with Stalin's
rise to power that the theory of "socialism in one country" got a hearing at all -
and by then the revolution was definitively over.

Andy Wilson
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