Wilhelm Reich

Alex Trotter uburoi at panix.com
Thu Oct 13 20:34:29 MDT 1994

I know that many people on this list are fond of the academic theories
deriving from structuralism, Althusser, Lacan, etc. These figures
attempted a synthesis on some level of Marxism and psychoanalysis. But as
far as that goes, there is another figure who worked very intensely on
that task but whose name is not often mentioned anymore, it seems. That
figure is Wilhelm Reich. The situationists were fond of him, and so are
some anarchists, but he seems, like Fourier in some ways, to be
generally regarded in the 'crackpot' category when he is talked about at
all. I recently read his work entitled _The Sexual Revolution_, much of
which is concerned with issues about the family, etc. raised by Engels
but explored in much greater depth. It also discusses the way abortion,
homosexuality, contraception, adolescent sexuality, and so on were dealt
with in the early years of the Soviet Union and under Stalinism.
Fascinating. Another book of his of particular interest to students of
Marxism--_The Mass Psychology of Fascism_. What do other people on this
list think about Reich? Was he another hopeless utopian? And just what is
it about the turgid writing of a Lacan that supposedly comes out ahead?

--Alex Trotter


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