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Andrew Daitsman adaitsma at trincoll.edu
Fri Oct 14 12:19:47 MDT 1994

Anybody read the Nation this week?  Cockburn reported on a scholarly
paper (can't recall author or journal) in which it was argued that the
Italians used _coitus interruptus_ as a cultural means of resisting
Mussolini's demographic policy.  Apparently, the Fascists had banned the
sale of all forms of birth control, so self-control became the only
remaining option.

I guess the thinking was that if Il Duce wanted us to have lots of kids,
we're just not going to have any at all.  Cockburn wrote that the tricky
part was ensuring that the woman got an orgasm, but didn't get pregnant.

Andy Daitsman

On Fri, 14 Oct 1994, Doug Henwood wrote:

> One extremely valuable thing about Reich (though it's been years since I
> read the Mass Psychology of Fascism) is his argument that the left cannot
> fight fascism (to use modern language) technocratically, or with reason
> alone. It must be a bloody and lusty fight, since fascism is an
> eros-tinged doctrine. In these days of rampant neofascism and bloodless
> frightened lefties, it's somthing to learn from.
> Reich did revise the Mass Psychology late in life, after he'd decided
> that Ike had "good orgones," right?
> Doug
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