Knowledge, Data & Fatal Conceit

Ann Ferguson aferguso at
Mon Oct 17 18:36:34 MDT 1994


	Just an addendum to my previous comment about Hayek's argument
against central planning directed to Chris Sciaberra.  As I understand it
the council socialist model would handle your objection that there is a
difference between data and knowledge.  Instead of requiring a market
mechanism to set prices, one which often mystifies the costs to the
workers involved in producing a product since they do not have the power
to completely communicate that to the price, given unemployment etc, the
council socialist model posits that workers and consumers can communicate
to each other more adequately their perceived costs and benefits of one
proposed plan of inputs and outputs by presenting their desired inputs of
work and outputs of goods and services, and then showing how those costs
and benefits compare to others who send plans by the subsequent
compromise plans they come up with, once they know the desired proposals
of others involved in the production process.  The market screens out
much knowledge of the human costs of production both for consumers who
lack power (i.e. the poor) and workers who lack power (the unorganized).
This sort of iterative communal anarchist planning system would correct
those lacks in knowledge.

	Ann Ferguson
	aferguso at uci,edu


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