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	In regard to Hayek's critique of central planning and the impossibil-
ity that one planner or one administration could gather the info needed to
do the job, people might want to look at the council socialist model
developed by Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert in "UnOthodox Marxism",
"Socialism Today and Tomorrow" and "Looking Forward",  all books
available from South End Press in Boston.  Their model uses an iterative
model for the planning process in which producer and consumer councils
enter their proposed inputs and outputs into the computer and an advisory
economic planning group creates several alternative plans based on these
desired work times
and goods and services which is then resubmitted to the producer and worker
councils for negotiation.  The planning process continues in this mode, with
both producers and consumers hearing the reasons for each submitted plan,
its pros and cons, costs and benefits to all affected, until there is
agreement.  It may sound utopian but I think Albert and Hahnel are
correct in supposing that the problem is not the technological one of
knowledge (the computers gather it from all over the country) but of
whether the human wills involved can come to agreement.

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