Mon Oct 17 22:04:36 MDT 1994

     Just a quick comment with regard to Ann Ferguson's
discussion of Hayek and the Knowledge Problem.  I think that
the decentralized anarcho-communal alternative SOUNDS better
than the central planning model.  However, there are all
sorts of issues that this alternative planning system raises.
First and foremost, given current political realities, we
must ask how such "councils" would proceed.  Upon what basis?
Would these councils have the power to make decisions by
virtue of their connection to a strong state apparatus?  What
is to stop such a "council-driven" system from degenerating
into a kind of corporativist or guild-socialist or neofascist

     Second, the fact that "computers" are involved, it seems
to me, reduces the knowledge problem, once again, to "data
collection," as if this is the only issue guiding economic

     Third, you are making an assumption that a market price
system leads to "unemployment" and the consequent dis-
empowerment of workers.  Hayek and his Austrian colleagues
would argue that unemployment, like inflation, is the
outgrowth of trade cycles, which are the by-product of the
massive credit manipulations of the state-banking nexus.
None of these issues can be abstracted from the larger

                              - Chris
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