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Wed Oct 19 00:49:17 MDT 1994

I think Riech has remained a pretty important influence on certain attempts
to negotiate marxism and p-a. Deleuze & Guattari's work, which has come very
much to the center of academic debates recently, perhaps too much so... are
more than a little influenced by them. It is the work on Fascism which will
have the greatest mark in history I expect, but this is more from my reading
of others than from meticulously reading everything out there by Reich. I
agree, both as critique of D/G and Reich with Juliette Mitchell's reading in
*Psychoanalysis and Feminism*... she credits him, and I think people
undervalue this, with questioning the function of oedipus politically in
western culture instead of transhistoricizing it by looking for some
parallell to oedipus in other cultures etc. You might take a look at
Mitchell, its quite good.
I breifly met Makavejev at the Chicago film festival last year, where his
*Gorilla Bathes at Noon* was shown. It is a wonderful film, and if you get a
change to see it, go to any lengths. You might be interested to know that
Makavejev found out that "WR: mysteries of the organism" was shown in a
pornographic theatre in Chicago at some point, apparently someone made a

"take off that jumpsuit you look like grace slick."

Seamus Malone. WISP, NYC


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