Hi/low IQ & babies

Margaret Coleman 75014.2024 at compuserve.com
Sat Oct 22 10:21:26 MDT 1994

Just to add what might already be obvious to jb's point one on Murray and
--This work equates IQ with income; the poor must be stupid because they are
poor and wealthy women must be smart because they are wealthy.
--No one ever seems to be smart enough to woo truly high IQ and intelligent
women with promises of social responsibility for housework or caring for
children; i.e., universal daycare, creches, truly inclusive healthcare,
additional time to work towards tenure to account for woman's greater
involvement (biological and social) in child bearing, etc.  Most smart women
don't have more babies because they trade off nurse maid functions for other
goals, and they must because there is no choice.  To put it another way, none of
these 'smart' men worrying over female fertility have ever considered offering
their services for changing shitty diapers.  Only a poor, 'stupid' man, one not
making it very well in the world, would stay home and care for children, yet
there is an expectation that hi IQ women should do just that.  Then those who do
stay home and make/care for babies, those on AFDC, are automatically stupid.
maggie coleman


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